Business Statement

The purpose at Worry Free Auto Leasing is to provide affordable and reliable local transportation for BSSM students.

Our Guarantee

When we say Lessee, we mean you!

All of our cars have had a recent 25 point safety check and are smogged and ready for your enjoyment.

Repairs will be done at the expense of Worry Free Auto Leasing, Inc. (Except where the cause of the repair is the fault of the Lessee.)  This will be done only by our approved service site once prior approval has been established from lessor. 

General maintenance, such as, but not limited to include: replacing windshield wipers, light bulbs, filters, adding oil/coolant, flat tires/tire damage or a broken window/glass is the responsibility of the Lessee.

It is the lessee’s responsibility to report any repairs needed on the vehicle to lessor within 48 hours from the time it is noticed.

If there is a problem with the vehicle requiring a repair that takes more than a day, Lessor will provide a loaner vehicle for the Lessee to use. These repairs will be done and paid for by Worry Free Auto Leasing, Inc. at our own authorized repair facility. (EXCEPT where the cause of the repair is the fault of the Lessee.)

Worry Free Auto Leasing, Inc. will hold the lessee financially responsible for any repairs due to negligence or abuse on the part of the lessee; such as, but not limited to, at-fault accidents, damages due to negligent driving, vandalism, etc.

Not sure which car? Get in touch and we can help!