The purpose of Worry Free Auto Leasing is to provide safe, affordable and reliable LOCAL transportation.

Lessor’s Responsibility (Worry Free Auto Leasing):

  • To provide a clean vehicle at delivery
  • To provide a well-maintained vehicle
  • To provide timely repairs at Lessor’s approval and at Lessor’s approved service center(s)
  • To provide a loaner vehicle when repairs exceed 2 business days. Except where the cause of the repair is the fault of the Lessee.
  • To have vehicle smogged and registered at DMV prior to lease.

Lessee’s Responsibility (Client/Student):

  • Due to Bethel’s New Early Acceptance Policy at BSSM, it is the responsibility of the Lessee to provide a $500 deposit to hold the vehicle of their choice.
  • There are 1,000 miles per month free with the lease. Any mileage over that will be charged at the rate of .25 cents per mile, calculated at the end of the lease period.
  • To provide TWO oil changes through-out the year, one in December and upon lease end – You must send a copy of the receipt from each oil change to be via email to  If the car is returned without an oil change, a charge of $100 will be charged at lease end.
  • To care for miscellaneous maintenance, such as but not limited to replace wipers, light bulbs, filters, add oil/coolant.
  • To get an extra set of keys if needed
  • Modifications are to be approved by lessor, installed by approved company and will remain with the vehicle. Example: Changing or installing a stereo, etc.
  • Only persons listed on the lease and named on the insurance policy are allowed to drive vehicle.
  • In the event the vehicle breaks down, it is the responsibility of the lessee to arrange with Worry Free Auto Leasing, Inc. to have the vehicle taken to an authorized repair shop designated by the lessor in Redding Ca.
  • Tire repairs, such as flat tires and tire damage are at your cost, as well as any broken windows/glass
  • To report any problems with vehicle to Lessor in a timely manner.
  • Theft, vandalism, fire, a tree falling or any other damage that occurs to the leased vehicle shall be covered by EITHER the damage waiver option plus a $500 deductible paid upon damage OR by Lessee’s full coverage insurance.
  • If vehicle is taken out of the local Redding area and a problem occurs, it will be the lessee’s responsibility to repair
    and return the vehicle to Redding or have the vehicle transported to an authorized repair facility in Redding at Lessee’s expense.

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