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What our customers love about us?

"Worry Free Auto Leasing made it easy for me as an international student to get a car from the very first day. I didn’t need to run around checking out cars or worrying about buying something that could cause me problems from the beginning. I also never had a problem with my car, but if there had been, I knew Mike would fix it. Mike is a great guy and you can really trust him."
BSSM Student
"I’ve really enjoyed driving Mikes convertible around Redding this last year!! They make no sense in England but are perfect for California! Drives like a dream and gas is so cheap! Any concerns I had were immediately dealt with, often while I was at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry he sorted it in the car park! I heartily recommend worry free for car leasing without any worry!"
BSSM Student, Teacher from Exeter, Devon Southwest England
"Worry Free Leasing was exactly that for us, Worry free. We leased a car from Mike for the school year. The car was great, and ready to go on our arrival into Redding. Mike was always their to assist us with any questions and help. I highly recommend Worry Free Leasing for your school year. A+"
BSSM Student, BSSM Students 2014-2015
"We arrived from New Zealand with no idea about driving ,owning or insuring a car in California. We got a hold of Mike and he sorted it all for us. He has been only a phone call away. I recommend Worry Free Auto Leasing, because we have had no worries"
BSSM Students 2012-2013
"This is our second year with Worry Free Auto Leasing and Mike has been incredibly helpful, accommodating and reliable. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He provides a good deal and removes the significant risks that come with purchasing a car yourself. He’s already done the work of sorting out the best route for insurance and using international driving licenses here. He’s also a great font of local information and good advice."
BSSM Student
"Mike is a positive, friendly business man with a helpful attitude toward Bethel students looking to lease a car for the academic year. You will find that the car hire market is expensive in general, but purchasing a quality used car can also be expensive due to the amount of student population in Redding. This is where Mike comes in. Mike is affordable and provides assistance for all the cars he hires out. He’s also readily contactable and helpful if you need him at any time."
RYAN (England)
BSSM Student
"Thank you Mike for providing a great service to me. It has blessed me immensely to be able to have a car, to get about easily in Redding, to get out to Whiskeytown, to be in beautiful surroundings and occasionally further afield to see a little more of the natural beauty we are surrounded with. I have had peace of mind, knowing that you are just a phone call away to help if I had a problem with the car. The only time I did need to call you with a problem, I was blown away by how caring you were and how quickly you came to my assistance. I have no clue about cars, so it’s been great to know I have a ‘spiritual uncle’ available for car issues. What a great ministry you provide. I will recommend Worry Free Auto Leasings to anyone coming to BSSM. Many thanks for all you do."
BSSM Student 2015-2016
"My experience with Worry Free Auto Leasing has been great, its incredible to be taken care off in a foreign country."
ANDONI (Mexico)
BSSM Student

Next Steps

All of our cars are leased for a period of 6 - 12 months at a time. They are safe, reliable and get you where you need to go. Also, each car has air conditioning which is a huge plus when it comes to living in Redding.

Here are the next steps in the leasing process:
Please look above to see our available inventory.
Please pick 2-3 cars that you're interested in, then email me the Car Names and Car Numbers.
I will then check their current availability as we have multiples of each vehicle, to make sure that they are available to lease.
please check out our FAQs page for additional information as well http://worryfreeautoleasing.com/faqs

Not sure which car? Get in touch and we can help!