Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum leasing period?

6 months. Our vision is to provide vehicles to students for the school year, therefore, we are unable to lease for less than that. Please feel free to check out the local renting companies, such as Budget, Avis and/or Enterprise for renting a car for less than 6 months.

What additional fees/costs are needed?

Due to Bethel’s New Early Acceptance Policy at BSSM, it is the responsibility of the Lessee to provide a $500 deposit to hold the vehicle of their choice. This deposit will then be applied to your lease after you have made payments to lease the vehicle.

All leased vehicles must be put into the lessee’s name, and in California a smog test needs to be conducted to do so. Therefore, there is a fee of $150 for the registration & smog test, along with a one-time cleaning fee of $100 for all vehicles.

Liability insurance is not included in our lease, but it is required by law. We do however, provide a Damage Waiver for the Comprehensive/Collision portion of insurance as an option. Please read our “Insurance” section for more information on why you need the Damage Waiver and what it covers.

Do the cars cost the same? Can I make monthly payments?

Each car starts at $250 a month unless specified on the Home page next to the name of the car where you will see an additional charge to lease that vehicle. If you don't see an additional charge next to the name of the vehicle you have chosen, then your starting price is $250. You can lease most of our cars for $250 a month as long as you pay for the lease up front on or before the day that you arrive.  If you need a payment plan to pay off the lease through-out the year, the cost of the lease jumps to $280 a month. 

Most of our customers are international students and are required to have all expenses paid before they attend school/enter the US, therefore, most will actually have the lease paid in full before arriving. However, if you have a problem raising the full amount and monthly payments are the only option, we will work with you. The lease pricing increases to $280/month with the 1st and last months’ payments due up front, the cleaning fee, the registration & smog fees are also due upon signing the lease.

**All monthly payments shall be set up to have automatic payments sent by your local bank, unless special arrangements have been made with us.

What is the minimum age to lease?

18 or over, however, some cars are not available to anyone under 21.

How many drivers are allowed on the lease?

No more than 2, however, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, and EVERY driver must be insured by your insurance company.

How do I pick a car?

When you are looking for a vehicle on the website, you will notice that all of our cars are listed on the homepage.  Please select your top three choices, then email us the Car name and number of each vehicle to see if they are still available. Cars go quickly, especially after July 1st, so please watch the website closely. When inquiring, please give us your age as some vehicles can only be rented to 21 or older.

Am I guaranteed my car choice?

Yes, but only upon a signed lease and either the $500 deposit or payment in full. Once a vehicle is chosen and dates of the lease are communicated, a draft lease will be sent for your review and signing. The car will then be put on hold for 48 hours. Once the lease is signed and returned, we remove the car from the website. Should payment not be made within 3 business days upon the signed lease, the car will be taken off hold and be made available online for another lessee to choose.

How many cars do you have/What is the availability?

Currently, we have over 70 cars with more arriving soon. Please keep in mind that there are over 2000 students who attend school, so it is on a first come, first served basis. You can see which cars are currently available by checking our homepage on our website. Please choose your top three choices, then email us with the car name and number and we will check if they are still available.

Can I just sign the lease after I arrive in Redding?

Yes, however, we cannot hold the vehicle that you chose online without a signed copy first.  We also cannot guarantee which vehicles will still be available. You will get your best choice of vehicle the sooner you sign a lease and either make a payment in full or pay the $500 holding deposit. If you choose to wait to sign the lease, then you risk not renting the car you originally chose. To save you and our company time, we prefer to do all of the leases ahead of time that way by the time you arrive, it is one less item to worry about.

What if I must wait until I arrive in Redding?

Not a problem. We put a high value on communication, so please be in contact with us so that we remain on the same page before you arrive in Redding. You will then be able to pick out a car from what we still have available, and then we’ll have you sign the lease.

How long does it take to get the car?

With a pre-signed/pre-paid lease and insured vehicle, most cars can be picked up or delivered the same day that you arrive.

However, leases signed after arriving in Redding can take up to 3 business days to transfer the title, clean and inspect the vehicle.  Before handing over the vehicle, you need to make sure to have your insurance with you and your driver’s license or we will not hand over the keys.

What kind of insurance do I need?

Please check out our tab “Helpful Information” on the homepage then “Insurance Info”.

How much will insurance cost?

Insurance costs are based on age, number of drivers and type of vehicle. (For USA students, driving record is a factor also). The agents listed on our page can help with all of your insurance needs. However, before contacting them, you do need to have the signed lease and a vehicle secured with payment as they can only give insurance quotes with the actual car you are leasing.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we give a 3% discount for all leases that are paid-in-full by the time that you arrive. Once you have picked a car, our administrator will send you the lease information with the 3% discount amount to be paid. 

How do I pay for the lease?

A bank transfer is easiest and the most cost effective option, however, we do take a credit card for an additional 3% fee.  Should you choose a wire transfer, please add an additional $15 to your amount to pay the banking fee on our end.  All fees are paid by lessee.

To avoid paying for the banking fees on OUR end... 

- We encourage INTERNATIONAL students to use Transferwise, Currency Cloud OR Western Union
*** We understand the time that it usually takes for international banks to transfer money to our USA account. The timing is typically 2 business days, with this said the deadline that we give to you is to let us know that you have sent the money by this date, it does NOT mean that we expect to see the money in our bank account by that date, just that you have sent the money by the specified deadline. 

- We encourage AMERICAN students to use a few options:  
*** We HIGHLY recommend you to download the Venmo App search @AmyAbel, or Cash App search @MikeStickels


Can I make a down payment?


We require a $500 deposit to hold the vehicle that you choose. This deposit is then applied to your lease once you make your first payment.

Also, please keep in mind that if you use a wire transfer to send the deposit, you would send $515 to pay for the $15 banking fee on our end.

To see options on how to avoid paying banking fees on OUR end, please refer to the question, "How do I pay for the lease?"

What kind of identification do I need?

Regardless of the state that you are from, your driver's license will work. Please make sure to write in your information on your lease. 

An international driver’s license is sufficient to drive in California and to obtain insurance. You should not have any problems with this. 

Do you provide maintenance and/or road side assistance?

We do provide repairs/maintenance except when the cause of the repairs is the fault of the lessee. We do not offer road side assistance. Road Side Assistance should be included as part of your liability coverage with your insurance policy. Make sure to ask your insurance agency about their Road Side Assistance Programs. 

What is my responsibility?

Please read the lease information by CLICKING HERE

Can I take the car outside of Redding? How many miles do I get?


As stated on the lease agreement, if vehicle is taken out of the local Redding area and a problem occurs, it will be the lessee’s responsibility to repair
and return the vehicle to Redding or have the vehicle transported to an authorized repair facility in Redding at the Lessee’s expense.

As stated on the lease agreement, there are 1,000 miles free per month with the lease. For example, if you have a 9 month lease you get 9,000 miles to use for the duration of the lease.  Any mileage over that will be charged at the rate of .25 cents per mile, calculated at the end of the lease period.

Not sure which car? Get in touch and we can help!